Welcome to Biogrow (2013) Limited, New Zealand plant pot distributors and commercial suppliers of Organic and Biodegradable products for the horticulture, nursery and domestic gardening markets.

Fertilpots have been a worldwide success story, as an innovative and unique product which has won numerous awards.  Imported in into New Zealand for over ten years, they have been used by Commercial Growers, Forestry, Local Council Nurseries, Government Departments, National Parks and the home gardener.  Fertilpot offers an original solution for growers looking for "ready to plant" products that will not be harmful to the environment.

No other container; biodegradable, compostable or plastic, can allow a more natural development of the plant's root structure.

Due to demand Biogrow has expanded their range and now imports and sells other innovative and complimentary products to help with propagation and pest control, such as Fertiss Plugs, Peat PelletsTrays, Diatomaceous Earth, Biochar, Wood Vinegar, Wool Mats and more.

As well as the retail pricing on our website, wholesale trade pricing is available for account holders, so please do not hesitate to contact us.  Shop Button

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DEEM Bottle with shadowDEEM

Organic Triple Defence Plant Spray - Insecticide - Miticide - Fungicide

DEEM is an organic insect spray designed to repel and control insects, nematodes, mites and fungal diseases. Combining Organic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Neem oil in a convenient ready to use spray.

This unique blend that effectively controls and kills over 200 species of insects, including aphids, mites, scale, nematodes, leaf hoppers, white flies, caterpillars, mealybugs, thrips, fruit flies, earwigs, ants, slugs and snails, etc.    Read more...

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Dianne Pilcher Soil Enhancer with BioGro LogoFODDA Soil Enhancer / General Fertiliser

Made in New Zealand and blended from all natural ingredients, Fodda effectively enhances, invigorates and boosts soils for healthy plant growth - without chemical or artificial additives.

PLUS we've even added charcoal to our blends - making them odour free!  Read more...

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New Product

Biochar Fertilisers

biochar seedling

Recommended as the main soil conditioner for all organic horticulture and gardening including vegetables, fruits and flowers.  Biochar revitalises your soil by boosting nutrient transfer, increasing soil organic matter and enhancing resistance to pests.     Priced from $4.00.

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100% Organic and Biodegradable pots composed primarily of wood fibers and sustainably manufactured without the use of glues or binders. No other container; biodegradable, compostable or plastic, can allow a more natural development of a plant's root structure.  Priced from .20c.


DEBug Dust


DEBug Diatomaceous Earth is an organic, food grade, fresh water Fossillised Diatom Shell Flour with no less then 90% percent amorphous silica.  Diatomite is used as an insecticide, due to its abrasive and physico-sorptive (dehydrating) properties . It can also be used as a feed supplement for animals. Priced from $4.90.

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Top Seller

Grow Bags

Felt Bags

Our felt fabric grow bags are made from recycled water bottles.  They provide excellent root zone aeration and drainage with the fabric material "breathing" allowing for greater oxygen/air at the root level creating a better environment for root growth and ultimately better plant growth.  Priced from $4.50.

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Propagation and Pot Trays

166.18 Small

We have a selected range of plastic propagation trays especially designed to fit Fertilpots - or that can be planted into directly.  The popular Dioni tray is a new concept encouraging airflow around the pots for better root formation. Trays available from 20 to 50 cells.  Priced from $5.00.

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Our handy Micro Propagator measures just 20x15cm and comes with a drip tray, so is ideal for a sunny windowsill. It comes complete with 12 4x4cm Fertilpots.  For larger crops our Mini Propagator measures 32x22cm and comes with 28 5x5cm Fertilpots. Refill pots available.


New Product

Bamboo Fibre Gloves


Bamboo plants have a naturally occurring bacteriostatic agent called “bamboo Kun” which is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  Bamboo is also highly absorbent and wicks water away from the body three to four times faster than cotton.  Eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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Peat Pellets


These compressed 36mm peat growing pellets will expand up to seven times by adding water, to become a perfect self contained growing medium for starting seeds. A fine netting allows the roots to penetrate as the plant grows ensuring air circulation and water exchange.  Priced from .30c.

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