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Pine Biochar (HIGH BET) Organic Soil Conditioner

Pine Biochar (High BET) is a organic soil conditioner with a very high BET (surface area). 386m²/g.  BET is a commonly used standard for measuring surface area of solids.

The higher BET increases the available micro-pores in Pine Biochar which significantly increases the surface area and reduces the application rate compared to standard biochar by 50%. This offers several key improved benefits, including:

  • Reduces application rates compared to standard biochar.
  • Allows for an increase in the availability and retention of nutrients in the soil for soil  microbes to exchange with the plants roots.
  • Helps repair damaged soils by encouraging soil microbe population growth and resultant organic matter.
  • Aids in improved plant growth.

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Pine Biochar 2.5kg SM

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