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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Technical Data Sheet / Chemical Properties


BioGro Organic Registration

DEBug Diatomaceous Earth has finally gained BioGro Organic registration under the following three categories.

  • Livestock Feed & Nutrition
  • Soil & Plant Nutrition
  • Crop Management (domestic use only)

The Crop Managment registration is the first ever done on any Diatomaceous Earth product in New Zealand, and means that DEBug is the ONLY Fresh water, Food grade DE to be registered as an organic insecticide for your garden. 

BioGro Organic Registration DEBug Diatomaceous Earth.


New Zealand Food Safety Authority

The NZFSA has completed a class determination on Diatomaceous Earth.  It has been defined as an agricultural compound, however has been assessed as GRAS or 'Generally Regarded As Safe'. 


M.I.P - Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act

ACVM Registration Exempt


Environmental Risk Management Authority

The ERMA New Zealand has assessed Diatomaceous Earth.  It has granted it exemption from individual registration as it is already covered by a previous application.


FDA Registered

The FDA in the USA has assessed our Diatomaceous Earth as GRAS or 'Generally Regarded As Safe'.  In the USA Fossil Shell Flour is registered as a stock feed supplement and anti-caking agent for livestock feeds.  FSA Regsitration No. 18047662236.


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