About FERTISS Plugs

Ready to use Propagation Plugs

FERTISS are ready to use plugs dedicated to the propagation of young plants raised from cuttings, seed or for weaning micropropagated material. FERTISS is the number one choice of growers in many countries, from individual growers to large specialist propagators rooting millions of plugs each season.


FERTISS has earned its reputation as a top quality product because its excellent performance in optimising rooting speed and strike rates percentages.


FERTISS is available in an unrivalled range of plug sizes and tray configurations. The trays and plugs are designed to complement each other, with excellent air circulation in the trays.

Plug Composition

FERTISS is made of fine blond sphagnum peat, Perlite and Vermiculite, a natural compost which adapts well when potting-on. It is a clean, natural, 'live' product where the natural structure of the medium has not been damaged or sterilised. It retains a natural, healthy balance of soil organisms, making the compost less vulnerable to colonisation by harmful pathogens. The FERTISS mix is wrapped in a non-woven mesh that is quickly and easily penetrated by roots. As soon as the roots appear plants can be handled, graded and potted.



A fresh, ready to use plug

FERTISS plugs are manufactured to order for optimum freshness on the nursery. They can be used without initial watering, although for very soft material it is best to lightly moisten the surface first.

fertiss-plug-trays2Cuttings are easy to stick

FERTISS plugs are manufactured products, ensuring even mix. and consistency. which greatly assists sticking. Delivered as a fresh product, FERTISS plugs are ready for immediate use after an initial light watering.

The even consistency of FERTISS makes sticking easy and gives good support for the cutting in the plug. There is usually no need for a pre-made dibble hole which can create an air gap at the base of the cutting which may slow callus formation and delay rooting.

faster-rootingFaster Rooting

The cutting on the left was stuck in a sand bed, the FERTISS 4 cm x 6 cm was stuck at the same time. This photo is 5 weeks since sticking. Obviously the FERTISS plug is putting on roots at a faster pace.


Accelerated Production

The ideal balance between air filled porosity, water retention and close contact between the compost and the cutting ensure rapid rooting. Roots of young plants will easily penetrate the fabric wrapping and enter an airspace between the fabric and the tray wall. Roots are naturally air-pruned, resulting in a faster and better take, increased lateral branching, and improved transplanting performance.

The young plants are easily transported as soon as roots appear through the webbing. The speed of rooting allows more batches to be propagated in the same area reducing unit costs considerably, making optimum use of heated beds, skilled staff and water.


fertiss-plug-seedlingsUnrivalled rooting percentages

For most plants rooting can be close to 100% and very even across each batch.

fertiss-plugThe advantages of air pruning

The tray design allows air to move easily around the plugs. Once roots have penetrated the webbing into the air gap their growth stops, secondary roots and root initials develop in the plug. The air pruning process reduces root spiraling in the plugs and speeds establishment after potting.

easy-pottingQuick and easy potting

The shape and consistency of FERTISS plugs help make potting easy. Some FERTISS plug trays have been designed specifically for use in mechanical transplanting systems.
The dense rooting system encouraged by FERTISS, especially through the sides of the plugs, gives greater stability to the cutting and developing young plant.
Compared to non-organic rooting media, the natural composition of FERTISS (made without glue or synthetic additives) will help avoid transplanting shock and speed adaptation to a new environment.


Suggested Uses of FERTISS

Since its launch during the mid 1980's, the range of uses for FERTISS has dramatically increased. At the same time the choice of tray and plug size has expanded to meet customer requirements and market demands in many countries. Originally FERTISS was made for Pelargonium propagators. Nowadays FERTISS is used for many diverse crops including tender perennials, hardy nursery stock, herbaceous perennials, and is well suited to weaning micropropagated plants, hops, pharmaceutical crops and many more.

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